Meet ACDC Project Coordinator Raymonda Dijkwel

What is your role within the ACDC Project?
I am the Project Coordinator.

How is this project different to other mental health projects and services?
By door-knocking, this project directly reaches out and connects with people who are not accessing support services. It provides practical information and assistance to connect people with support to improve their social and emotional wellbeing.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected people’s mental health in your opinion?
The pandemic is inducing a considerable degree of fear, worry and concern in the population at large and among certain groups in particular. Quarantine measures, lockdowns and border closures affect many people’s usual activities or livelihoods and separate loved ones, which can create a range of wellbeing issues.

What does positive mental health look like for you?
By positive mental health I think of resilience. There will be challenging times, however, with positive mental health you will be able to bounce back more easily from these experiences to enjoy all activities you want to participate in, with the presence of positive characteristics, such as a feeling of purpose and contentment, and maintaining fulfilling relationships.

What would you like to see as the lasting outcomes from the ACDC Project?
An increase in support for people’s wellbeing all over Australia not dependant on the area you live. Improved access to and clear information regarding services and opportunities, tailored for specific communities where necessary.


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