What do you think are some of the main challenges facing the people of Dandenong at the moment?

Sarah: I feel that language barriers would be a challenge in the Dandenong area as Dandenong is very multicultural.

Daniel: Information about public health concerns and raising awareness about infectious diseases are main challenges for the people of Dandenong. Further, maybe the reason for high levels of homelessness is that there is not enough social and affordable housing in Dandenong.


What are you most excited about being a People Connector or Line Manager?

Sarah: I am so excited to be a people connector as I am a people person and talking and listening to people is my favourite thing to do.

Daniel: I’ve always been motivated by creative projects and teamwork. I enjoy working with people and learn from my team.


How do you think the ACDC Project will help people in the Dandenong region?

Sarah: I would hope that this project would help the community of Dandenong to be able to connect and be able to use services to their advantage.

Daniel: To connect people with health and well-being services in their communities.


Why and how do you think the ACDC Project is different from other mental health and wellbeing projects?

Sarah: I feel the ACDC Project is different to any other projects as it allows us to build a rapport and have a conversation with householders without pressure.

Daniel: The ACDC Project is an outreach approach linking people with services and is an innovative initiative to connect people with social/emotional well-being support services.

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