Why did you want to be a People Connector with the ACDC Project? 

Reeta: I love to help people. The ACDC Project gives me the opportunity to help people and work within a team.

Jihan: The ACDC Project is an opportunity to learn more things and hear stories from people.

How have you found door-knocking in Greenacre so far?

Reeta: Door-knocking has been a wonderful experience so far. I like to explain the survey, provide information, and connect with householders to see if they have any issues. I like learning new things and helping people from different cultures.

Jihan: The first week bit difficult and worrying because a lot of people talked about criminality. But the second week we changed streets and people talked about their good neighbourhood and helping each other, their general issues and financial stress.

What is one of the best things about your job as a People Connector?

Reeta: The best thing as a People Connector is connecting people with support services. It’s nice that people are comfortable and trusting so we have the opportunity to connect with them.

Jihan: As a People Connector I keep learning and see how people always worry about both big and small things. We help by letting them know what services might be available to assist them.

How do you think the ACDC Project will help people in Greenacre?

Reeta: When householders trust us and start talking, we make a difference for the people and will connect them to support services. The information we gather about the community is good for the government to act on – e.g., safety, mental health, isolation, and drug & alcohol issues.

Jihan: I think it will help the police and council to find out more about the people in the community to make it a safer place.

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