Australian citizens living with a mental illness.


of people with a mental illness are not receiving adequate support.

People may not be receiving support because they:


Are experiencing social isolation.


Are not receiving support from an appropriate mental health service.


Are unsure what services are available to help them.

ACDC Aims to help people by:


Making direct contact with people who are disconnected or isolated.


Providing helpful information and resources.


Helping people to get in contact with support, recovery and prevention services.

ACDC in the Community

About the ACDC Project

In Australia, approximately 4.8 million people have mental or behavioural conditions. 615,000 people live with severe mental illness. Due to isolation or reasons beyond the person’s control, these people do not always have access to the services and support they are entitled to. A lack of awareness of available services is a significant factor in this disconnection.


People suffering from severe mental illness often experience social isolation and disengagement from common channels of social communications. Additionally, many people with mental health issues do not reach out to mental health services and “help-seeking” is often absent or is a late stage occurrence.

This means that people are not accessing and receiving appropriate services at the right time, resulting in a lack of support and unnecessary constraints being placed on crisis services.

The aim of the ACDC project is to form a direct connection with these people and offer them access to helpful, relevant and important services. This is achieved in a way where we respect the resident’s rights and boundaries, making them feel safe and comfortable.

CMHA Australia

The ACDC project is an initiative of Community Mental Health Australia

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