Meet our Team

Bill Gye – Chief Executive Officer

For four decades, Bill has worked with a range of organisations throughout the community mental health and disability employment sectors. During this time, Bill has taken on several CEO roles. Bill has a passionate interest for how the mind works, this lead to him completing his research thesis in meditation, and in 1995, his master’s degree in Cognitive Science.

“Through my life, like almost everyone, moderate and serious mental health issues have affected some members of my family and close friends and this personal experience along with a life-long passion to understand “life, the universe and everything”, and an idealism to “make the world a better place” have been key personal and professional drivers.”

James McKechnie – Project Manager

James is an experienced manager within the non-government mental health sector in Australia. During his career, he has helped to create and develop state funded mental health support programs. James has earned his Masters in Social Work, degrees in psychology and arts, and qualifications in management and group facilitation.

“I have a strong commitment in my work to inclusion and co-design. I have a strong personal commitment to working for social justice and I bring an anti-oppressive attitude to my work. These values guide my own understandings of recovery orientated practice.”

Sally Castle – Operations Manager

Sally is an internationally recognised strategist with a proven record of improving revenue, reach and impact for values-based organisations. With over 20 years’ experience working in Marketing, Fundraising, and growth, Sally possesses a wealth of experience to help lead the ACDC Project.

Sally is passionate about results. Her insights and creativity help her to implement strategies that deliver growth, impact and sustainability.

“I feel fortunate to work on this innovative project. We are co-producing this approach with communities across Australia to test a new approach to connection. What could be more interesting?”

Hunena Khan – Partnerships and Engagement Manager

Hunena has over 10 years of experience working clinically as a Counsellor and non-clinically as a community worker. She has an impressive portfolio of volunteer experience, working for charities such as Beautiful Minds and Lifeline, where she volunteered as a Telephone Counsellor.

Hunena belongs to a culturally and linguistically diverse background and has qualifications in Medical Science, Psychology and Counselling, with a Master’s in Human Rights Law & Policy. Hunena now takes on the role of Partnerships and Engagement Manager in the ACDC Project.

“I have an extensive background in building partnerships, stakeholder engagement and working on capacity building projects for the homeless, prison populations, and people transitioning from acute mental health wards.”

Julie Millard – Consultant

Julie Millard is a strong social justice and human rights advocate. Julie is a consultant and Credentialed Mental Health Nurse working in the mental health and disability sectors. As a consultant Julie advocates, develops and implements state and national projects, the majority with a focus on improving health outcomes for individuals, population groups and communities.

As an educator Julie codevelops and co-facilitates mental health workshops with people with living/lived experience. Julie is an international speaker, member of several advisory panels, Board Director, and Regional Vice President Oceania for the World Federation for Mental Health.

Ian Bond – Project Officer

Ian has worked in Community Mental Health Teams for many years, as well as Drug and Alcohol services/rehabilitation.  He has proven experience in the Disability Employment sector, helping people with disabilities and mental health conditions find employment suited to them.

Throughout his career, Ian has developed IT skills, allowing him to manage/administrate networks, as well as maintain websites and databases.

“Working with people in the community to keep their Mental Health and Wellbeing has been a lifelong passion.”

Raymonda Dijkwel – Project Coordinator

Raymonda has worked in the non-government sector, coordinating projects in rural communities to improve health outcomes for children.

She experience working with stakeholders, and is able to bring them together to work on one positive outcome, regardless of differing opinions, priorities and motives within these groups.

Raymonda has a Master’s in Law and Criminology, as well as qualifications in criminal investigations, management, and risk & incident management.

“I am passionate about social justice and like to contribute to create opportunities, respect and improve people’s standard of living and wellbeing. I value true partnerships and the achievements of working together to achieve quality results.”

Harriet Worrall-Carter – Community Engagement Officer

With a background in journalism and community engagement, Harriet is passionate about using her communication skills for good.

Harriet co-founded her business Content for a Cause, with the purpose of helping charities and non-profits with their online content. This lead to Harriet working for organisations like The Reach Foundation and the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Harriet’s love for community engagement grew in 2020 while leading the Vinnies Victoria International Student Aid program, raising over $90k to assist 768 students. 

“In my personal and professional life, I have always been a huge advocate for removing the stigma around mental health. I am delighted to be using my skills to support the ACDC team and project in its important work across Australia.”

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