About The ACDC Project

What is the ACDC Project?

The Assisting Communities through Direct Connection (ACDC) Project aims to connect people with mental health and well-being services in their communities. This free service is a way to provide information to people who may not know about what supports they can access.

The ACDC Project makes contact via ‘People Connectors’ who go door-to-door letting people know about the free services available and deliver an information pack with a fridge magnet and brochures. The services included in the information packs will look different for each area to ensure they are easily accessible and relevant to that community.

For each of the 24 communities visited throughout Australia, the ACDC Project will generate data and information about the reasons why people do not access support from local services.

Watch our wonderful video below for more information.

Note: The depicted interactions with a participant at the door was a role playing scene.

Video Presenters:

  • Bill Gye – CEO, Community Mental Health Australia
  • James McKechnie – ACDC Project Manager
  • Hunena Khan – ACDC Project Partnerships & Engagement Manager
  • Ian Bond – ACDC Project Communications & Project Officer
  • John Downie – Wellways Regional Manager


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