Why did you want to be a People Connector with the ACDC Project?

David: I believe that the ACDC Project gives people a voice. And more than just an opportunity to talk, it gives people the tools and resources to address the challenges they face every day.

Vevyan: I wanted to get more experience and skills in how to work with different communities and how to link people to a service. I like to help people and give them information about the services around our local area.
How have you found door-knocking in Cabramatta and Greenacre so far?

David: Cabramatta may have had its problems, but so much has changed over time. I have met great people who love their community and neighbours.

Vevyan: In Cabramatta, most issues are health issues, people don’t have enough information about the services available and the fees. Most householders need special financial support.

What is one of the best things about your job as a People Connector?

David: I get to meet people from all walks of life, many of whom have watched Cabramatta grow for over 30 years. It also gives me hope that the people I talk to will be heard, and their challenges advocated for.

Vevyan: The best thing is to work as part of a group with my colleagues and manager to help the people of Cabramatta and support them. Teamwork is very important.

How do you think the ACDC Project will help people in Cabramatta?

David: Aside from helping people navigate community resources, I think the ACDC Project lets people know they aren’t alone. I think it strengthens people’s trust in the community and has the potential to be a staple national program.

Vevyan: To provide them with mental health information and other services and help them to link them with services, e.g. a lot of older people don’t know about the NDIS or age care services. The ACDC Project will also provide valuable information for local services.

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