Why did you want to be a People Connector with the ACDC Project? 

Serani: I wanted to continue as a People Connector for the ACDC Project because of the incredible experience I had in the first phase. I am still so encouraged to be involved with a program that is promoting individual and community wellness, while practically supporting individuals to build valuable connections and access valuable resources. It is incredible to being a part of a team that has so many beautiful people working together, who value and support one another and their work.

David: As a community mental health worker, I have always been passionate about supporting people living with mental health concerns in the community. I enjoy supporting people to be linked to appropriate services that are available in their local community and assist them in their recovery journey. The ACDC Project’s approach of going out into communities to directly connect householders strongly aligns with what I believe is a great approach – reaching out to people that might be reluctant to seek help for whatever reason.

How have you found door-knocking in Ipswich so far? 

Serani: I have loved being a part of a conversation that highlights the value of wellness. I enjoy creating a space for self-awareness, reflection, self-care, and the benefit of connection. I have enjoyed hearing people share their stories and experiences and am grateful for this opportunity. I have found my time in Ipswich very enriching, connecting with the community and the amazing people behind some of the support services in this area.

David: The door knocking in Ipswich has been going great so far. The reception of the ACDC project has been positive and we hope it continues that way.

What is one of the best things about your job as a People Connector? 

Serani: No two days are the same, I really enjoy connecting with so many different people while creating an opportunity for people to be heard and better supported. I love being a part of a Project that reaches out to people and I sincerely hope it is the beginning of more outreach.

David: The courage to facilitate conversation with householders to identify their unmet mental, social and emotional wellbeing needs and encouraging them to connect with the relevant supports and services.

How do you think the ACDC Project will help people in Ipswich? 

Serani: I think the ACDC Project will be beneficial by building awareness on both sides of the coin. Not only for the individuals in relation to their wellbeing, but also for the providers and other key stakeholders supporting the community. By capturing unmet needs and experiences we can inform providers of gaps in services and support. This project also helps reduce barriers and creates opportunity for connection and support to be established.  I think by listening and supporting individuals we are helping to create a healthier and stronger community which is so important – especially in our current climate of significant global change.

David: The ACDC Project will assist people through directly connecting them to the services and supports that are available in Ipswich – especially for householders who may not be aware of what is currently available. Secondly, the results of the survey will help in understanding how people in Ipswich are doing, the issues that are impacting them, what is needed to improve their wellbeing, and if people need more supports.

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