MEET THE SOUTH BURNETT PEOPLE CONNECTORS – Norman, Natty, Kalchiri and Tristan

How do you think the ACDC Project will help people in South Burnett?

Norman: People in the community will have more understanding of what each service does around the south Burnett.

Tristan: The ACDC Project gives an opportunity to capture the voice of the local South Burnett Community and will go a long way to provide solid evidence to support local advocacy for the region. Doorknocking and having these conversations allow us to capture the voice of those who are not usually consulted with when decisions are being made on matters that impact them directly.

What are you most excited about being a People Connector or Line Manager?

Kalchiri: I look forward to being that friendly face knocking on the door, ready to listen. Something so simple can change some one’s day for the better. I am excited to engage with the householders and to have that voice for our community, this will help us to understand our region better and advocate for positive change, in a way that we know will work for our region.

Why and how do you think the ACDC Project is different from other mental health and wellbeing projects?

Natty: Because we are at their doorstep having the conversation’s face to face.

Tristan: The ACDC Project is a non-bias approach to mental health and wellbeing, that is free from assumptions, it gives everyone the same opportunity to have informed access and support to connect with local services, regardless of race, gender, age, financial and social status, it brings health and wellbeing support to your front door. The ACDC project understands the power of connection and conversation.   


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